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Offer flexible training with produhktivX™  
Let your customers discover at their own pace, anywhere in the world, with the produhktivX™ platform.

  • Make learning fun
    Designed for adult learners, we break your program down into bite-sized snippets using microlearning techniques paired with content-rich supporting activities.
  • Innovative approach
    Using a science-based approach, we optimize learning to improve retention. Whether through social learning with course moderation, active learning or scenario-based learning, this learner-focused platform enlightens your customers
  • White-label it
    We match the produhktivX platform design to your brand, so the teaching will appear to come directly from you, tailored to your learning objectives.
  • Track user progress
    Use the produhktivX Insights live dashboard to track your customers’ progress on their journey to technological enlightenment.

The result? That’s the best part:

People more pro•duhk•tiv.

Illuminating technology has never been easier. Try it for yourself.

What our clients say

I thought this course was excellent — the content was very helpful & it was organized in a way that made it easy to fit around my work schedule.

It was great, I honestly learned a lot (in the Security Bootcamp) that I will be applying in the future, the schedule flexibility was great as my company does not provide time for training and it must be done outside of working hours.

produhktiv is my most trusted partner for CIE’s.

These events are great for hands-on exploring and a good introduction. There should be more events like this!!!!

This is SO collaborative! The facilitator made us all feel welcome and comfortable even when some had trouble finding a button, etc. You learn a lot more than from watching a demo when you can play with it. I would like to take this same class again and sign up for more immersive experiences. Thank you so much for hosting this.

The Q1 analysis also shows that Online CIE attendees’ likeliness to purchase and familiarity with solutions increased dramatically as a result of the sessions.

Program Manager, Microsoft

The workshop went great! We got a lot of good information, one of the best days we’ve spent in a while. Our users and admins got a lot of this time and commented on how much they enjoyed it. We’d love to sign up for more of these if any are available.

Ron M., City of Huntsville

Thanks produhktiv, It was a really wonderful Security Workshop. Well Done.

Yoga, Mediakind Systems

Many thanks for a great Security Workshop. Really well done.

Rick, National Reconnaissance Office

100% the right trainer for our organization!

Patricia, U.S. Coast Guard

produhktiv is my most trusted partner for CIE’s.

Allison G., Microsoft

The training conducted by Rabon was excellent. The attendees have reported they were thrilled to be in attendance.

Melanie M., Mississippi Department of Employment Security

Excellent instructor. Effectively conveyed security concepts.

Security Analyst, U.S. Defense Information System Agency

Thank you for helping us to better understand Teams meetings and Microsoft Teams Room solutions. It was an excellent workshop.

Manoj K., IT Manager, Halliburton